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What we believe in
Improving quality of life through data

Our Work to Fight COVID-19

The Problem

COVID-19 has forced us into social isolation; a problem we can only solve with accurate testing.

Our Solution

An app which would triage sufferers, determine the likelihood of having the virus, and assess the likelihood of contracting it.
In doing so, the app would advise sufferers of next steps and collate statistics to be shared with public health bodies.

We are working with experts from DeepMind and Novoic.

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Our Vision

Give people the power to involve themselves in the development of new cures for modern diseases and conditions - in the world's safest environment.

What We Do

We are creating a platform through which people can make a meaningful impact in the race to find solutions for various life-threatening conditions and diseases. By tapping into communities affected by conditions such as Parkinson's and orphan diseases, we will be providing biotechnology companies with a quicker way of accessing data. Simultaneously, people will have control over their data and whom to share it with. By combining AI technology with medicine, we can solidify a new way for biotechnology companies to drive innovation while maintaining ethical data practices.

How It Works

What Makes Us Different


Who We Are

Hasan Tuhtamishev

Hasan is a rising senior at Yale University studying Statistics and Data Science. Past experience includes being a consultant for London Strategic Consulting and a financial management intern at the Office of the NYC Comptroller. He co-founded genesisAI because he believes that ethical data practices could be used to drive innovation.

Michael Bryan

Michael is a first-year at the London School of Economics and Political Science studying international relations and Russian. He spends his summers at Harvard University as part of a dual degree in medicine. Past experience includes working as an advisor to the Secretary of State for Health and as a co-found of FaceX, an AI platform used to detect early onset of Parkinson's.

Adetayo Zenger

Adetayo is a rising senior at Babson College studying Business Administraton with a concentration in Economics. Past experience includes interning in the technology division of a global investment bank and working part-time at an executive search consultancy for private equity firms. He brings his experience in market research and business development.

Darvy Cana

Darvy is a first-year Law student at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences. In-between his studies, he acts as an advisory board member for the Social Mobility Foundation and Big Voice London. Past experiences include interning at BlackRock, Allen and Overy, and a tech startup.

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